Our estate planning clients own many different types of property: their home, cabin, personal property, savings, small businesses, and investment assets. They may use a Realtor to purchase real estate, or a personal banker for a loan.  However, the role of those professionals is limited, often to a single transaction.

Financial advisors are in the unique position of being trusted to oversee the client’s full financial picture. While the financial advisor may not directly manage the client’s real estate and business interests, they must understand all the client’s assets, their family, health, and goals.  In many cases, no one advisor will understand the client’s financial situation better than the financial advisor.

Given this unique perspective, it is critical that the financial advisor understand estate planning. Cameron Kelly and Jesse Beier have recently received approval from the CFP Board to offer continuing education credits for a presentation called Estate Planning for Financial Planners.  The course is intended to provide financial advisors with an understanding of estate planning fundamentals – an understanding that is critical to providing advice to their clients.

If you, or your office is interested in receiving free continuing education credits, please contact Cameron Kelly at 715-381-7112 or ckelly@lommen.com.