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Electronic Litigator®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lommen Abdo, assists with the digital management of each phase of a litigation matter, from initial discovery through trial. Electronic Litigator services are available both to Lommen Abdo clients and outside businesses. Electronic Litigator utilizes its powerful technology assets to provide thorough yet efficient document analysis for both paper and electronic documents and maximizes their presentation in litigation. It is a cost-effective one-stop shop for litigation technology services.

Electronic Litigator consists of a suite of computerized litigation support services (Law, IPro Eclipse SE and Trial Director). They each can be utilized separately or in conjunction with one another.

The Benefits of Electronic Litigator®


Trial Director

Trial Director is a trial presentation program, run on a laptop in the courtroom. It can display exhibits, photographs and video clips on either computer monitors set up for the court and jury, or project these images on a video screen. Portions of exhibits can be highlighted in real time before the jury and witnesses. Trial Director can also zoom in on portions of an exhibit, display exhibits with confidential or irrelevant sections redacted or display only a specific part of an exhibit, such as the most important paragraph of a document. Trial Director can even synch a video deposition with the deposition transcript, and display both simultaneously – making it easy for a jury to follow even the most complex testimony. Trial Director is a solid presentation that can improve your outcome in trial.

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IPro for Desktop

Eclipse SE is a database program specially designed to provide integrated litigation support.  It combines full strength native file ingestion, electronic discovery, document review, and full litigation production effortlessly. Eclipse SE will ingest your data, process, deduplicate and allow for review.  Eclipse SE has an intuitive and secure platform to review and analyze your data.  Utilization of the tagging feature makes document organization come together seamlessly. Eclipse SE provides document and deposition search and retrieval, allows for the creation and editing of summaries, privilege log, etc.  Eclipse SE allows the marking and highlighting of important documents, excerpts in transcripts, links witnesses to specific documents and can even create trial witness and exhibit lists.

Electronic Litigator will customize your Eclipse SE database to meet the needs of your particular case.

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Electronic Litigator is your experienced and comprehensive partner in electronic discovery. For more information about Electronic Litigator, its services and costs, contact:

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