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Family law matters are personal and complicated. They often come with high emotions and obstacles to work through. Our attorneys will meet you where you are, listen to you and your concerns, and then work diligently on your behalf. We employ a team approach to addressing family law concerns.  Our family law attorneys work with senior paralegals who effectively and efficiently prepare matters for hearing, trial or settlement.  We are knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of key areas which assist us in resolving family disputes successfully.

Experienced Minnesota + Wisconsin Family Law Attorneys

Our family law attorneys help clients with all types of family law issues in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some of the family law cases we routinely handle include divorce/dissolution of marriage and separation proceedings, adoption, business valuation issues, custody disputes, establishment and enforcement of child support and spousal maintenance, custody and parenting time, alternative dispute resolution and mediation, domestic abuse hearings, antenuptial agreements, paternity actions, grandparent visitation post-trial motions, tax aspects of divorce, estate planning and appeals.  

Our family law attorneys strive to provide each client with the personal service their case demands. Lommen Abdo has established a strong reputation in the family law courts and has a proven track record of success. 

Areas of focus: 

  • Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce 
  • Post-Dissolution Proceedings 
  • Antenuptial Agreements 
  • Child-Related Issues 
  • Family Law Appeals 

We represent clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities region and the St. Croix River Valley including Eden Prairie, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Brooklyn Park, Oakdale, Wayzata, Golden Valley, Hudson, River Falls, Eagan and New Richmond. 

What Our Clients Say

“If you’re looking for an excellent lawyer who will fight for you look, no further than Lommen Abdo. I would recommend this firm to anyone dealing with a family law related case. They are professional and affordable with great response time.” 

Stephen Thormodson

“The attorneys at Lommen Abdo that handled our adoption were knowledgeable and professional. Their responses to our questions were informative and timely, which resulted in our successful adoption.” 

“After making an initial inquiry, I was contacted quickly and was able to describe my situation regarding an international child abduction from Europe to the USA. Lommen Abdo’s team was very professional, quick to act and helped me to navigate in the complex legal matters.” 

Lommen Abdo is very knowledgeable and professional in family law and estate planning. We were very happy with the services they provided. 


For many families, adoption is the preferred way of forming a forever family.  Our experienced attorneys and staff at Lommen Abdo can help you decide which form of adoption is best for you and then assist you with the legal details of completing private placement, foreign, and stepparent adoptions in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Antenuptial Agreements 

Having a clear understanding about what will happen upon divorce or death is the basis for a strong and clear relationship.  Having an antenuptial agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement) prior to marriage allows the parties to clearly understand how property will be divided, whether alimony or maintenance may be payable, and what provisions will be made in estate planning should the marriage end.  Our attorneys will help you draft, negotiate and finalize the agreement that best suits your needs and objectives. 

We represent clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities region and the St. Croix River Valley including Roseville, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Brooklyn Park, Oakdale, Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Hudson, River Falls, Eagan and New Richmond. 

Family Law Appeals in Minnesota + Wisconsin

Our appellate advocates can make more objective decisions than the family law attorney about which facts are most beneficial, which issues were best preserved for appeal, and which issues present the best avenues for appeal. The best appellate lawyers understand how appellate judges think, they know the standards of review, and they can focus on making the appeal as persuasive as possible. Our appellate attorneys handle appeals for our clients as well as appeals on cases initiated by other firms. Lommen Abdo associates with other counsel across the country on a pro hac vice basis to provide assistance with appeals. 

Areas of focus: 

  • Prepare or respond to motions to exclude expert testimony 
  • Prepare motions related to contempt, sanctions and post-trial issues 
  • Monitor trials to preserve issues on appeal 
  • Prepare trial briefs 
  • Handle mandamus or interlocutory appeals 
  • Appeal decisions to the appellate courts in Minnesota and Wisconsin 

Additional Family Law Services


Child Custody

Child support

Ensuring that both parents provide adequate support to the parties’ children is essential.  The costs of raising children are ever increasing and it is crucial that adequate child support, medical support, and an equitable division of the costs incurred for the children is ordered by the Court.  Our attorneys will work diligently with you to obtain the legally required level of support.

Custody and parenting time and placement

Children are the most precious product of your relationship and the custody and care of your children is the most important issue to be resolved in a divorce.  Minnesota and Wisconsin are both states that decide custody and parenting time and placement based upon the best interests of the child.  The statutory framework aims at providing significant contact with both parents in a manner that will be in the child’s best interest and allow them to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with both their parents.

Grandparent visitation

In the 21st century, many grandparents are stepping forward to provide support for their grandchildren for a variety of reasons.  Minnesota and Wisconsin recognize and respect the role that grandparents can play in the lives of their grandchildren and have provided a legal avenue to obtain court ordered visitation with their grandchildren.  We will help you obtain meaningful visitation with your grandchildren.

Hague Convention (child kidnapping) cases

In cases involving families that live and work in multiple countries, there are often times when children spend time in two or more countries and disputes arise as to custody and parenting time.  In certain instances, a parent will refuse to return a child to his or her customary home.  This will require the intervention of courts across transnational boundaries and the enforcement of the divorce or custody decrees to obtain the return of a child.  We can help you understand, navigate and litigate this complicated system to get your child back or ensure the return of a child to their customary home.


As more families today have children when the parents are not married, paternity actions are needed to create the basis upon which to award custody and parenting time and to order child support and medical support.  We will assist you in bringing the paternity, custody and support proceeding that will result in the best result for your family.

We represent clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities region and the St. Croix River Valley including Edina, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Maple Grove, Somerset, Eagan, Minnetonka, Hudson, River Falls, Lakeville and New Richmond.


When the marriage is over, it is time to pursue a dissolution of marriage or divorce to finally resolve the many legal and interpersonal issues formed during marriage.  This includes custody and parenting time, child support, maintenance, ownership and valuation and division of real and personal property, responsibility for debt, payment of taxes, name change, and provision of attorney fees. Divorce Lawyer

Areas of focus:

  • Annulment
  • Business valuation
  • Child support
  • Dividing property
  • High asset divorces
  • Insurance coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Moving out of state
  • Parenting time
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Same sex marriages and divorces

Post-Decree Modifications

Oftentimes, after a divorce is concluded, disputes arise surrounding the enforcement of the original order, or the need to revise certain aspects of the order due to a substantial change in circumstances.  For example, modifying child support and maintenance.  Lommen Abdo attorneys will help you identify options and to pursue the best strategy to obtain the result that is best for you. 

Areas of focus: 

  • Enforcement of a custody or other trial court order 
  • Modification of child support 
  • Modification of spousal maintenance 

Spousal Maintenance

There is no set formula for determining spousal maintenance in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Our attorneys will look at your unique situation, including length of marriage, children under 18, living arrangements, education level and disparities in earning potential, to help determine a fair payment. 

Commonly Asked Questions


My divorce includes many complicating factors like children, property, etc., can you handle my case?

Yes, our lawyers have years of experience handling complex cases, and will work ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

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