Lommen Abdo Law Firm St. Croix Valley Magazine ad

Lommen Abdo was voted as one of the finalists in the “2018 Best Law Firms of the St. Croix Valley”! Thanks for your vote.

What was it about the Lommen Abdo Law Firm you really like?

  • Our business practice?
  • Our family law practice?
  • Our trial and appellate lawyers?
  • Our wills, trust and probate practice?
  • Our real estate practice?
  • Our employment law practice?
  • Our vaccine injury practice?
  • Our transportation practice? h
  • Our skills and experience?
  • Our collaborative approach?
  • We don’t speak legalese?

Six Lommen Abdo lawyers work from our Hudson office:

  • Leah Isakson, Litigation & Family Law
  • Tom Jacobson, Litigation
  • Marc Johannsen, Family Law
  • Brent Johnson, Business Law
  • Jamie Johnson, Litigation
  • Cameron Kelly, Estate Planning

And eight more attorneys from our Minneapolis office offer legal services in both Wisconsin and Minnesota:

  • Jesse Beier, Estate Planning
  • John Crawford, Litigation
  • Stacey DeKalb, Employment Law
  • Kay Nord Hunt, Appellate Law
  • Glenn Kessel, Business Law
  • Reid Lindquist, Litigation
  • Kathleen Loucks, Litigation
  • Mike Moline, Litigation

We truly enjoy helping our St. Croix Valley clients meet their legal goals. Thanks for voting for us as one of the top legal firms in the St. Croix Valley. When you need a lawyer, come talk with us.