We are happy to announce that Michelle Kuhl has been elected a shareholder at Lommen Abdo.

A Love of Learning Leads to Appeals

From an early age, Michelle has always enjoyed learning as much as she can about many different things. As a result, while she enjoyed several of her law school classes, Michelle found it difficult to choose just one area of law for her practice. After graduation, while still undecided on her ultimate career path, Michelle began a clerkship with the Minnesota Supreme Court. There, she worked on appellate cases in all areas of law, including contract disputes, insurance coverage issues, tort liability, administrative law, and criminal law. “I was hooked,” says Michelle, “I saw that a career in appellate practice could give me the opportunity to tackle the most challenging legal issues and also include the variety of cases I was looking for.” When her clerkship ended, Michelle joined the appellate practice group at Lommen Abdo and never looked back.

Unraveling the Mystery to Tell the Client’s Story

In addition to frequently expanding her knowledge of legal issues on a variety of topics, one of Michelle’s favorite parts of her job is beginning a new case. Starting to read the record is a bit like unraveling a story, except that the puzzle pieces with different facts are rarely found in a logical order. Michelle enjoys searching the record to identify the important facts and rearranging them into a compelling narrative. With the facts properly constructed, it becomes more readily apparent what the legal issues are and those are then developed and presented in the appellate brief. Of course, Michelle always remembers that no matter how technical the legal issue may be, at the heart of every case is a client with very real interests at stake and that must be conveyed to the appellate court as well.

Thirst for Variety Extends Beyond Work

Michelle also enjoys variety in her interests outside of work. She especially enjoys reading and writing, and she has amassed quite a collection of journals, poems, and short stories that she began writing at the age of seven. She is also an avid runner and a decent baker.

Looking Forward to a Long Career

Marc Johannsen, Lommen Abdo president, has always been impressed with Michelle’s drive and passion. “Watching Michelle work is a joy, her compelling oral arguments, her attention to detail and her willingness to learn all make her a great fit at Lommen Abdo. We are so happy to name her as a shareholder and look forward to watching her career grow.”