Wisconsin families are now able to sign up for a one-time $100-per-child tax rebate, set to correspond with a back-to-school sales tax holiday. Legislation signed by Governor Walker in April created a tax rebate for Wisconsin sales and use tax paid on purchases made for raising a qualified child in 2017, so long as certain criteria are met. Families can receive the credit for dependent children who are younger than 18 as of December 31, 2017, and who are Wisconsin residents and U.S. citizens. A $100 rebate may be claimed for each qualified child. However, only one person may claim the rebate for each qualified child. In circumstances where parents or caregivers of dependent child are not married, the person that was eligible to claim the child as a dependent on his or her 2017 federal income tax return may claim the rebate for the child.

Making a claim for the rebate is simple. to complete the online claim form between May 15, 2018 and July 2, 2018. The form takes only a few minutes to complete, and claims are processed via check or direct deposit within three to eight weeks. The rebate is timed to correspond with a back-to-school sales tax holiday from August 1 through August 5, 2018. Wisconsin sales tax will be waived for everyone on purchases of school-related expenses, including clothing under $75, computers under $750, school computer supplies under $250, and school supplies under $75 from August 1 to 5, 2018.