Lommen Abdo recently launched a new website, www.lommen.com, complete with easier to access practice area pages, updated attorney biographies and a fresh new look. We sat down with Lommen Abdo President, Marc Johannsen, to ask him a few questions about the new site.

What was the motivation to redesign the Lommen Abdo website?
We wanted a simplified and streamlined site so all visitors could easily find the information they were looking for effortlessly and with the fewest clicks. The new site has an updated search function that allows visitors to find the articles, practice area pages, biographies and videos of greatest interest to them. We also wanted to feature the amazing work our attorneys are doing through logically organized and intuitive biographies.

Lommen Abdo also added to their branding colors, talk a bit about that.
Yes, we added a light blue and light grey to our branding colors, which has allowed us greater flexibility as we branded the website and any future marketing projects. I’m very happy with the updated colors and I think they lend a fresh feel to the firm’s look.

What features on the new site are you most excited about?
I’m excited about some new language that gets to the core of who we are at Lommen Abdo: caring, collaborative and client-focused. I wanted that to be at the forefront of the new site, so visitors would understand our priorities. I am also excited about how we both simplified and expanded our practice area pages. We created fewer pages to click through for website visitors, but added more information relevant to those searching for our legal expertise.

What’s next for the website?
We’ll be working to add representative experience to each attorney’s biography, so potential clients can see all our team has already accomplished. We’ll also be adding several industries that we work in, as well as regular blog posts about a number of areas we think will interest our audience.

Where would you like to direct readers once they’ve finished reading this blog?
I’d invite you to check out our attorney biography pages. I’m incredibly proud of the team at Lommen Abdo, and they have such a breadth of experience and work together seamlessly on behalf of our clients.