Kay Hunt spoke at a six hour NBI webcast on April 1, 2016, Appellate Case Preparation Start to Finish. Kay spoke on “Making an Ethical Appeal” and “Oral Argument Techniques that Get Results.” Eric Magnuson and Stephen Buterin were co-presenters.


Program description:
Navigating through the appellate process can be complex and challenging. What information you choose to present and how it is presented for your case is just the first hurdle to cross. Our esteemed faculty will guide you through the process from start to finish with successful tips and strategies to succeed. Conquer your next appellate case with confidence – order today!

  • Making an Ethical Appeal
    • Filing the Notice and Perfecting the Record on Appeal
    • Preparing and Submitting Your Appeal
    • Variations to Standard Procedure
    • Frivolous Appeals, Competent Representation
    • Conflicts of Interest and Professionalism
  • May it Please the Court: Oral Argument Techniques that Get Results
    • Procedural Rules for Oral Argument
    • To Speak or Not to Speak; That is the Question
    • Keys to Preparing for the Hearing
    • Effectively Using Your Precious Minutes
    • Anticipating Difficult Questions
    • Strategies to Survive the Hearing
    • Examples of Successful and Unsuccessful Oral Arguments