Lauren Nuffort and Jessica Allen authored an article for the Spring/Summer 2016 Subrogator® Magazine, “Assembling Your Team: Managing Today’s Fire Investigation,” (page 40).


Article summary:
Fire subrogation cases can be won or lost depending on what the subrogated carrier does (or does not do) in the days immediately following a loss.  This article discusses best practices from a subrogation standpoint for managing fire investigations and the importance of assembling the right investigative team early on.  While the article focuses on fire investigators, the recommendations contained herein are generally applicable to any loss investigation.

  • Let’s Start at the Beginning with NFPA 921: Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations
  • The Timeline: What Happens After the Fire?
  • Who Investigates?
  • Initial Site Visit: What Happened to Cause the Fire?
  • Ensure Adverse Parties are Properly Notified of Site Inspection
  • Time for the Multi-Party Site Inspection
  • Continue the Subrogation Investigation as you Wait for the Multi-Party Inspection
  • The Big Picture on Best Practices for Today’s Fire Investigation