Let’s face it, our industry has been slow to adapt in the technology revolution we find ourselves in today. We operate in a capital-intensive, low-margin, fragmented industry, with a low barrier to entrance. Large and small carriers have been able to co-exist through competitive pricing and quality service as varying levels of technology have been introduced. The regulatory environment has always forced change but the political landscape has traditionally created enough time for compliance. NOW, technology is outpacing just about everything, there’s intense political discourse, a shortage of qualified drivers, consolidation is happening at a faster pace, and there’s a lot of capital flowing into our industry from non-traditional players. Make no mistake, we are entering the dawn of significant disruption in the trucking industry that will forever change how freight is moved on wheels.

Continue reading the article which appeared in the June 2018 Trucking Minnesota magazine. The article was authored by Brent Bois, President of Calhoun Truck Lines and chair of the MTA Automated Vehicle Task Force, with comments by Mike Glover, who serves on the MTA’s Autonomous Vehicle Task Force with the author.