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Video Transcript:
Why is it important for the owners to work with a lawyer when starting up a new business?
When a business is formed initially, usually the owners have goals of protecting themselves from liability, maximizing the value of the company. And if they don’t engage a lawyer early in the process and steps are missed, then those goals can be jeopardized. Some folks think that simply filing articles of incorporation is all you need to do to start a business. And there’s a lot more to it than that. And so we want to be sure that none of the important steps are missed at the beginning. The beginning is the most important stage.

Video Transcript:
What is a shareholder dispute?
So a shareholder dispute is a disagreement among the owners of the company, or among an owner and a group of owners. And a shareholder dispute can arise for any number of reasons. But oftentimes it’s a case where perhaps partners no longer get along. Maybe one of the partners is no longer employed by the company. And then usually the dispute goes to the value of the shares and whether or not one of those partners can be bought out.

Video Transcript:
Why would a client choose a medium size firm like Lommen Abdo over one of the BIG law firms for business litigation?
Well, one of the things that we offer is intensely personalized service. So our clients get to know me, my paralegals, my fellow attorneys, and we’re available for them on short or no notice. And so we have that personalized touch with the clients, but also we have the specialties that you see in the large firms. We have lawyers who can handle criminal disputes, trademark issues, securities issues. And we usually do so at rates that are very, very competitive when compared to the larger firms. So we offer the best of both worlds.