2015 UPDATE: Read about the decision of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Seven years after the petition for compensation was filed on behalf of minor Karl Paluck for injuries he sustained following receipt of five vaccines, he has won his right to compensation. Karl Paluck was born with a mitochondrial disorder, that remained undiagnosed until after his vaccine injury. He developed normally until 12 months of age. At his one-year well child examination he received five routine childhood vaccines. Within a month he developed spasticity of his muscles. His health deteriorated from there. Seven months after he received his vaccines, Karl lost his ability to speak and to swallow. He developed seizures. Karl’s development regressed to that of a one month old. His parents brought a claim for compensation under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Program. Twice the special master who heard the matter determined that the Palucks had not met their burden of proof for compensation. Twice Karl’s Lommen Abdo attorney, Sheila Bjorklund, appealed to the Court of Federal Claims. The final order of the Court of Federal Claims was issued on October 29, 2013 determining that Karl Paluck is entitled to compensation for the damages he sustained as a result of his adverse vaccine reaction.

Karl’s case is one of many in which Lommen Abdo has obtained compensation for persons injured because of adverse vaccine reactions. If you or someone you know believes they may have been injured because of an adverse reaction to a vaccine, contact Kathleen Loucks to have your case reviewed.