Bryan Feldhaus spoke at a Minnesota CLE seminar on October 1, 2018, “The Lawyer’s Role in Compliance – Navigating Silos in Multiple Hats.”  Bryan is presenting on “Counseling Compliance in Small-to-Midsize Businesses (SMBs).



“SMBs” make up approximately 97% of US companies, and they may be equally exposed as larger companies when it comes to potential compliance failures. This session will unwind some of the specific challenges of compliance leadership in SMBs, where budgets may be limited, processes underdeveloped or informal, and executive power or decision-making concentrated, in order to provide helpful tools and operational processes that lend themselves to the realities and culture of SMBs.

– Christian Brandt, Corporate Counsel, APi Group, Inc.; New Brighton
– Bryan R. Feldhaus; Lommen Abdo, P.A; Minneapolis