John Crawford presented a webcast on August 16, 2013, Insurance Law Deskbook: Duty to Defend and Priorities of Coverage.  The webcast was presented by Minnesota CLE and John’s co-presenter was Benjamin Johnson of Johnson & Lindberg, P.A.


Program description:

In this presentation, Minnesota Insurance Law Deskbook authors John Crawford and Ben Johnson will provide an update and overview on what you need to know about the insurer’s duty to defend and priorities of coverage. Topics include:

  • Contractual and statutory basis of duty to defend
  • How and when to determine whether duty to defend exists
  • Scope of duty to defend
  • Damages for breach of duty to defend
  • “Closeness to the risk” test for coverage questions
  • “Total policy insuring intent” test for coverage questions
  • Application of coverage tests in different contexts
  • Multiple coverages over time


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