Collaboration is one of our core tenants, along with caring deeply about our clients and keeping them at the center of all we do. When we invited Joe Simmer to join our dynamic and expanding team, we knew he would be the right fit when he explained his desire to “leave no stone unturned” on a case by discussing files with other attorneys who might have a unique perspective to share.

As our team grows, we are looking to bring experienced attorneys with distinctive viewpoints. With his background in the medical field (Joe previously worked as an EMT), we knew Joe would bring something special to his work on our litigation team, as well as perform well under pressure.

We recently sat down with Joe to learn more about him and the motivation for his law practice.

What motivates you as a lawyer?

I take pride in being a problem solver for my clients. Whether it is a complex issue that requires a multiphase approach or simply taking the burden of litigation off their mind, I enjoy my role as an advocate.

Tell us about your biggest success as a lawyer.

My first jury trial win in first chair will always be special. After an eight-day trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of my client in less than 20 minutes.

What unique perspective do you bring to your practice?

My background in science and the medical field gives me a unique viewpoint. Whether it is a more thorough understanding of medical records or the ability to approach issues with an analytical mind, I enjoy digging deep into case files to help my clients. I also like to discuss files with my fellow attorneys who may have additional insight. I believe that every file benefits from collaboration.

What is your client philosophy?

Give your client straightforward advice and options based on the plain facts. Sugarcoating issues or facts does not help in the long term.

What are you most proud of?

My family. I live in Roseville with my wife and two young children.

What is a little-known fact about you?

I am more inclined to listen to oldies than newer music. My current favorite Amazon Music playlist is Mellow ‘70s Gold.

Marc Johannsen, Lommen Abdo President, had this to say about Joe, “I am pleased to welcome Joe to our team. His extensive private litigation law firm and in-house insurance company experience will serve our clients, and our collaborative team, well.”


You can view Joe’s bio and v-card at this link.