At Lommen Abdo, we are always looking to bring in the best attorneys to serve the needs of our clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are very happy to introduce the newest member of our team, attorney Nathan Heffernan. Nathan’s practice is focused on business and corporate law, estate planning and trust formation, and professional liability.

We recently sat down with Nathan and had the opportunity to learn more about who he is, how his background as a judicial clerk informs his practice, and what he is most proud of.

What motivates you as a lawyer?

I find great satisfaction in building and maintaining a reputation as someone you can count on to give you effective representation.</p style>

What unique perspectives do you bring to your practice?

I think my experience with the judicial system gives me a really useful perspective that can be a real advantage for clients. I’ve worked with five different judges now, at both the trial court level and at the appellate court level, so I understand the mindset of judges. I’ve seen the way that judges go about making decisions behind the scenes, and can anticipate how they’ll react to or analyze arguments or positions that attorneys put forward. Because of this, I know how to effectively communicate a client’s position to a judge.</p style>

What is your client philosophy?

Learn and understand a client’s expectations, and outperform them whenever possible. It’s important to me to make sure that I’m on the same page with my clients, and to be realistic with setting expectations. My job is to not only meet those expectations, but to do whatever I can to exceed them.</p style>

What are you most proud of?

Getting licensed in both Wisconsin and Minnesota within a couple years of graduating law school, and now being able to practice in both states, is something that I’m really proud of. I grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School, but I also spent time in the Twin Cities for my undergrad and built connections in Minnesota as well. My goal was always to be able to work in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, and I’m happy that I’ve been able to achieve that.</p style>

What is a little-known fact about you?

I spent my entire childhood cheering on the Badgers. My parents had season tickets, and we lived just a five-minute walk away from Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. Then I decided to go to the University of Minnesota, and have been a Gopher fan ever since! </p style>

Lommen Abdo President Marc Johannsen had this to say about Nathan, “We are very excited to welcome Nathan to Lommen Abdo. His judicial experience and dedication to serving communities in both Minnesota and Wisconsin are a great benefit to the firm and our clients.”