“We are proud to welcome Josh as a shareholder at Lommen Abdo. He has proven his dedication and legal acumen as part of the family law and business law teams, bringing both experience and empathy to his clients.” – Marc Johannsen, President, Lommen Abdo.

Abraham Lincoln Story Paves the Way for Law Career

As a child, Josh’s grandparents loved to read him books about US presidents, his favorite being the story of Abraham Lincoln. The story of Lincoln riding the circuit, appearing in different small county courthouses throughout Illinois and representing clients that found themselves needing legal representation led Josh to dream of becoming a lawyer, an idea that stuck with him throughout school and saw him through law school at the University of Minnesota.

Inspired by Helping Others

While his family is his main motivation, Josh often tells the story of one case that continues to inspire him to work efficiently and unrelentingly for his clients. A woman going through an awful divorce was gaining no ground in the proceedings and she felt her life would never get better. Josh worked tenaciously in his pursuit of what was best for his client, and she trusted him. The ex-husband eventually fired his attorney, admitting he wished he had retained Josh instead. The culmination of this case was a no-show by the ex-husband, leading Josh’s client to receive everything she wanted. As Josh puts it, “That is my favorite part of the job, helping a client go from tears and a desperate situation to happy and excited about the future.”

Family First

Josh works as a Family Law and Business Litigation attorney at Lommen Abdo, and is motivated most by his family. Providing for his wife and young son – the family he always dreamed of – gives him the determination to be a life-long learner and a great attorney.
Josh also enjoys several pursuits outside his career, including being a long-time ticket holder of the University of Minnesota’s football and basketball teams and avoiding chocolate at all costs. While his chocolate-hating quirk might have been a deal breaker for his relationship early on, his wife has accepted buying him white cake for his birthday.

Lommen Abdo remains grateful for all Josh’s work and is fortunate to also welcome him as a shareholder.