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Video Transcript:
Why would a client hire you?
Well, first, because I’m aggressive. Lawyers are required by our rules to be zealous advocates for our clients. And I take that very seriously. If I cannot represent a client and be a zealous advocate for them, I’m not gonna take the case. And so that’s what I bring to the table is zealous advocacy for my clients.But along with that, I care deeply about my clients. Some lawyers will tell you that you should not have a personal relationship with your clients. But I invest in my clients, and I invest in their stories, and I listen to them. And I’m not afraid to kind of cross that line where my clients have suffered a devastating loss. It’s important for me that I’m able to understand the emotion that’s involved, and I have to be able to go there and to take that on and be able to tell their story in a meaningful way.I’m not afraid to do that. Some lawyers don’t know how to do that. I can.


Video Transcript:
You’ve handled medical malpractice cases both for the plaintiffs and for the defendants – how does that impact your handling of any case?
You know, from day one, I can anticipate the defense themes in a case, and I can usually anticipate where they’re going in terms of defending, what issues, what theories, and I think that’s helpful to kind of head them off at the pass. It’s also helpful when you’re trying a case, because my last case that I tried, my former mentor was on the other side.So I, frankly, knew how he tried a case. I knew the questions he asked voir dire. I knew the themes that he developed in trial, and so I think it’s helpful to have that kind of inside information. It’s also helpful to understand how the defense evaluates cases in terms of damages and risk, and I think that’s beneficial to my clients that I have experience on both sides.


Video Transcript:
What should I look for in choosing a lawyer to handle my vaccine-related injury?
It’s critical that you hire a lawyer that’s admitted to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims because you absolutely have to be admitted to that court. You should also be a member of the Federal Vaccine Bar. So, for example, if you had a vaccine and you had an injury in the state of North Dakota, you do not need to hire a lawyer that’s admitted in North Dakota. The lawyer can practice anywhere in the United States, they just have to be admitted to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.So, it really doesn’t matter where you find your lawyer. They just have to be admitted to the proper court. And it’s important that you hire someone with experience, because this is a very – it’s a novel procedure for lawyers. It’s a unique, statutorily-created scheme. Most lawyers don’t have any experience with vaccine law. Certainly, most personal injury lawyers are not admitted to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. So, it’s important to find someone with the expertise that’s necessary.