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Video Transcript:
What types of issues do you see most often in your commercial litigation practice?
We see a very wide variety of issues, from real estate disputes relating to real estate, to owners of closely held companies disputing things, contract disputes between companies. Just this last week I spent a day in Winona, Minnesota, arguing a case regarding trade secrets where two employees were either terminated or left one company and were later hired by another company that’s in the same industry and that led to a lawsuit.


Video Transcript:
What is the first thing I should do if my professional license is being threatened?
Anyone who has a professional license that is under threat or issue has to be very concerned. And we represent a number of professionals that are in that situation including attorneys and it’s very important to get a third party attorney involved. Because when your personal license is at stake you take it very personally and it’s important to have that objective third party who can look at that without the personal involvement and give a better view of what it is. Because there are frivolous complaints that are made against licenses and sometimes a professional needs to be told that that’s what’s going on and there are serious concerns about licensing and if you just ignore it sometimes it’s better to just deal with it up-front and take a little bad medicine rather than prolong it and make it worse.


Video Transcript:
What is your experience in civil litigation?
I’ve been doing civil litigation for over 30 years and I was fortunate enough to start out as a very young lawyer being able to be in trial on a lot of cases. A month-long jury trial on a major commercial matter I was second chair and then tried a lot of workers’ compensation cases early in my career and then it blossomed out from that. And so it’s been a very interesting and challenging profession, but, you know, we love doing it.