We are thrilled to announce that Lommen Abdo attorney Kelly Sofio has taken over authorship of Chapter 24 titled “No-Fault Claims Handling & Arbitration” for the 6th edition of the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook. This comprehensive resource is a go-to guide for legal professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and practical insights in the realm of automobile liability law.

The Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook

The 6th edition of the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook is a treasure trove of information, comprising 24 meticulously crafted chapters. From exploring the basic theories of liability and damages to tackling complex issues such as medical subrogation, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and settlement releases, this Deskbook offers a complete and comprehensive overview of the practice area.

The Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook is an indispensable resource for attorneys practicing automobile liability law in Minnesota. Its objective analysis of the law, coupled with a balanced approach from both plaintiff and defense perspectives, ensures accuracy and efficiency in legal practice. By providing comprehensive coverage of nearly every imaginable practice issue, this Deskbook equips practitioners with the necessary orientation, analysis, and authorities to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

No-Fault Claims Handling & Arbitration

With an impressive track record and extensive experience in motor vehicle accident litigation, attorney Kelly Sofio brings her specialized knowledge to Chapter 24 of the Deskbook. “No-Fault Claims Handling & Arbitration” dives into the intricacies of navigating no-fault claims and provides invaluable insights on effective claims handling strategies and the arbitration process.

Congratulations Kelly Sofio

We extend our warmest congratulations to attorney Kelly Sofio for her outstanding contribution to the Deskbook. At Lommen Abdo, we pride ourselves not only on providing exceptional legal services to our clients but also on our commitment to knowledge sharing and professional development. We recognize the importance of comprehensive resources like the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook in equipping legal professionals with the insights and tools they need to navigate the complexities of automobile liability law in Minnesota.