Phil Cole, Richard Thomas, and Timothy Gephart presented “Lawyers in Trouble: Defending Legal Malpractice & Understanding Professional Liability” as a live webcast for Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance on April 24, 2014.

Program Description:
Legal malpractice matters are often complex and difficult, but if the lawyer who is the subject of the complaint has systems or habits that establish the client was well cared for, the lawyer who will defend your matter may have a much better chance of success. Find out from some of the best professional liability defense experts the top ways you can “lawyer defensively” and avoid the most common mistakes lawyers make in all practice areas. We’ll discuss the types of claims that are being asserted against attorneys every day and the best strategies to avoid becoming a professional liability target by an upset client. The panel of defense experts will examine:

  • Which lawyers are getting sued and what trends are affecting professional liability matters?
  • What happens when I report a malpractice claim to my insurer?
  • How much insurance coverage will I need for my law practice?
  • How can I train my staff to avoid common legal malpractice issues?
  • What is the best advice for documenting my difficult client matters?