Lommen Abdo Proud to Name Kelly a Shareholder

Marc Johannsen, Lommen Abdo President, is proud to welcome Kelly Sofio as a shareholder and says of her work, “Kelly is a diligent and hard worker. Her niche cases are fascinating and the experience she brings to the firm, through her deep understanding of Minnesota auto insurance law, among other topics, is an incredible asset.”

Apartment Debacle Leads to Law School

Most of us have lived in an apartment at some point in our lives, either during college, shortly after or even now. Kelly Sofio is no different, having rented an apartment during her senior year of college. After cleaning thoroughly and vacating the residence on time, though, Kelly’s landlord kept their deposit. Upset at the situation, Kelly took matters into her own hands, looked up a statute regarding the timely notice and the landlord keeping the deposit and discovered that the landlord had violated that statute. The remedy was repayment of double the deposit. Kelly took the landlord to small claims court where the judge agreed with her. This interaction left her curious about the law and she applied to law school, eventually graduating from Hamline University School of Law.

Motivated by Unique Cases and Her Family

Motivation in her current work as an insurance defense lawyer stems from the unique challenges of each case. Kelly enjoys that each day at work is different and she also enjoys the company of her colleagues at Lommen Abdo. “Each of my cases offer different challenges,” says Kelly, and she relishes the opportunity to open new case files, especially enjoying when she finds the hook in each case to plan the defense strategy.

Her three children also keep her motivated, especially as she works diligently to pay their college tuition. Even though this sometimes leads to long days, she knows the difference higher education can play, and trusts that her children will find their own career paths, just as she did.

Despite working hard and advancing her career, Kelly has made time to see every Dateline episode ever aired!