Phil Cole has once again been named the Best Lawyers’ Lawyer of the Year for Legal Malpractice Law-Defendants in Minneapolis. He has garnered that award in 2011, 2014 and 2019 in his 50 years of practice. Phil also recently became a fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Phil has been the mentor of two other 2019 Best Lawyers, Kay Nord Hunt and Barry O’Neil, who also are actively involved in legal malpractice litigation and appeals. Barry will be presenting in a live national webinar, “Legal Malpractice Claims: A Comprehensive Guide” Thursday, October 25th. Bryan Feldhaus, another member of Lommen Abdo’s Legal Malpractice Defense Team, will speak at the ABA’s National Legal Malpractice Conference September 26-28th in Las Vegas. Bryan will join a panel of two other lawyers, one from Chicago and one from Los Angeles, to present “My Client’s Clients: Protecting the Privileges Held by Your Lawyer Client’s Clients.” Lauren Nuffort, also a member of Lommen Abdo’s legal mal defense team, recently spoke with Danielle Parry from MLM to the Minnesota Defense Lawyers at their Trial Techniques Seminar on “Attention Zealous Advocates: Don’t Forget Your Shield – Protecting your Practice and Avoiding Traps in Legal Ethics and Malpractice Claims.” Lommen Abdo takes great pride in being a firm that other lawyers seek out when they need representation.