John Crawford, Brent Tunis and Beth Chapman authored an article in the February 2021 For the Defense magazine by DRI, the Voice of the Defense Bar.

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If a plaintiff can establish that a defendant negligently caused personal injuries, the plaintiff is allowed to recover reasonable medical expenses. But what are reasonable medical expenses? This article will explore that question and offer strategies on how to make sure that defendants only pay reasonable, and not artificially inflated, amounts.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Plaintiff’s Right to Award of Reasonable Medical Expenses
  • Prevailing Plaintiff Strategy
  • Strategies for Defense Attorneys to Reduce Exposure for Medical Expenses
  • Collection
  • Organization
  • Laying Foundation
  • Admission
  • Argument of Counsel at Trial
  • Conclusion


First page of article by John Crawford, Brent Tunis and Beth Chapman from For the Defense, DRI-Reducing Your Client's Medical Expense Exposure