Join us in congratulating Lommen Abdo attorney Sara Wilson on being named a shareholder!

“Sara is, unquestionably, a huge asset to our team at Lommen Abdo. Her breadth of experience leads to creative problem solving on behalf of our clients and her passion is clear in everything she does. We are thrilled to welcome her as a shareholder.” — Marc Johannsen, Lommen Abdo President.

Road to Becoming an Attorney

Growing up around lawyers at the office where her father practiced law led Sara to feel comfortable around attorneys, as well as intrigued about their work. This curiosity eventually blossomed into a career at Lommen Abdo where Sara is uniquely capable of handling both transactional and litigation matters.

Sara may have been intrigued with the law growing up, but her first career found her working as a Registrar at the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, organizing art installations and exhibitions. This experience, she says, has helped keep her creative and collaborative in her work as an attorney.

Motivated by Relationships

It comes as no surprise to those who know her well that Sara is motivated by setting a good example for her daughter, as well as her direct work with her clients. Driven by relationships, she builds strong bonds with clients and colleagues alike and she enjoys tackling complicated issues in her practice.

One of her main practice areas – estates and trusts – has allowed her to create long-standing relationships with business clients. Lommen Abdo continues to be the perfect firm for a relationship-oriented attorney like Sara, who truly thrives on connections with others.

Her family remains important to her, and one of the draws to working at Lommen Abdo was the philosophy that attorneys at the firm continue to have full lives outside of their law practice. To that end, she spends time with her family on Madeline Island each summer, escaping to the beautiful spot to relax and recharge.

Lommen Abdo is grateful to have Sara as an attorney and now, as a shareholder.