Lommen Abdo team members recently got out in the community and participated in the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) Pack at the Park event. This is the first year Lommen Abdo employees have packed food but they look forward to making this an annual event!

Feed My Starving Children is an international food aid relief program, sending specialized rice- and potato-based food packs to dozens of countries. Volunteers pack the food before it is shipped to those in need. Food is packed both at permanent packing sites based around the United States and also at mobile packing events such as Pack at the Park.

During their shift, Brooke Raser, Kelly Sofio, Michelle Scholl, Janice Hanson, Danielle Dehnke, Kathleen Loucks, Laura Fretland, Beth Chapman, John Crawford and Josh Feneis (shown from left to right) helped 2,500 other volunteers at Target Field to pack nearly 850,000 meals for hungry children around the world. There were enough meals packed to feed more than 2,300 children one meal a day for an entire year!

Brooke Raser, who led the group from Lommen Abdo, says “The best part of the event was the team building! Because of COVID-19 our office hasn’t been able to participate in many team building activities. It was so great to be able to gather and participate in this event together!”

Beyond the team building, Brooke also noted that the FMSC mission statement says it all: “Feeding kids. Feeding spirits. Empowering communities.” By participating in this event, the staff of Lommen Abdo showed that they care about the millions of children who go without food every day and worked together as a team to help stop world hunger.

Lommen Abdo is proud of all its employees and the work they do in and around their communities. From packing meals to pro bono work, we at Lommen Abdo believe in being caring and collaborative with each other, as well as with organizations doing good, like FMSC.