We are pleased to announce that Lommen Abdo lawyers John Crawford and Lauren Nuffort have been diligently co-editing and contributing to the 2023 update of the 5th edition of the Minnesota Insurance Law Deskbook, which was published on April 19, 2023. The Deskbook, consisting of 26 chapters, is a reliable and practical resource on a variety of Minnesota insurance coverage issues, ranging from general issues like rules of construction and policy interpretation to specific topics such as automobile insurance, homeowners’ insurance, commercial general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance. In addition to John and Lauren’s contributions, Lommen Abdo attorneys Wade Johnson, Kay Nord Hunt, Michelle Kuhl, Nathan Heffernan, and Heidi Torvik co-authored chapters of the Deskbook.

Since its establishment in 1997, John Crawford has been the editor of the Deskbook, and he has teamed up with co-editor Lauren Nuffort and a team of seasoned authors who have contributed to the book’s 26 chapters. Together, they are committed to carrying on the tradition of providing lawyers and insurance claims professionals with the most extensive resource on Minnesota insurance coverage law. Additionally, John has personally written chapter six of the Deskbook, titled “Duty to Defend.”

Lauren Nuffort has been collaborating with John Crawford as a co-editor since the publication of the 5th Edition of the Deskbook in 2019. In addition, she has assisted with authoring two chapters: “Misrepresentation or Omission in Applications for Insurance” and “Fire and Property Insurance.” She expressed her pleasure at working on such a comprehensive and authoritative resource on insurance law, stating that she is passionate about her work in this field and hopes that the Deskbook will provide valuable insights to her colleagues. Lauren enjoyed working closely with John Crawford and all the authors and co-authors of the Deskbook chapters.

Chapters Authored and Co-Authored by Lommen Abdo Attorneys

Chapter 3: Misrepresentation or Omission in Applications for Insurance by Lauren E. Nuffort

Chapter 6: Duty to Defend by John R. Crawford

Chapter 10: Fire and Property Insurance by Lauren E. Nuffort and Wade T. Johnson

Chapter 14: Select Commercial General Liability Policy Exclusions by Kay Nord Hunt and Michelle K. Kuhl

Chapter 19: Professional Liability Claims-Made Coverage by Nathan Z. Heffernan (with Danielle Parry, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company)

Chapter 22: Agent and Broker Liability by Heidi M. Torvik (with Jason M. Hill, Kennedy & Graven, Chartered)

Congratulations to Our Attorneys on a Job Well Done

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the authors and co-authors of the updated Minnesota CLE Insurance Law Deskbook, with special recognition to John Crawford and Lauren Nuffort for their tireless efforts in co-editing and contributing to this comprehensive reference guide. At Lommen Abdo, we are committed not only to serving our clients but also to educating and informing our colleagues through valuable resources such as this.